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Unique & Affordable range of Bathroom Shower Sets & Panels at We carries an extensive collection of Bathroom Shower Sets, Shower Panels, Body Massage Shower Sets, LED Showers, Hand Held Showers etc.

Our Shower Sets are designed to give a memorable Showering experiences that soothes you from the inside. Funitic Shower Sets are Highly Durable, which comes in Brass, Stain Less Materials along with Ceramic Cartridges. Funitic Shower Sets are available in Multiple Finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Brushed Nickel Finish, Chrome Finish, Gold Finish, Antique Brass Finish etc. to go along with every bathroom style. Our Shower Sets comes with Features like European Designs, Multi-Function Shower Heads, Body Massage Showers, Temperature Sensing LED Lights etc. thereby making it an ideal choice for a Safe & refreshing bath.

Shower Set selection process is an extremely important activity since having a right shower Set ensures a Memorable Bathing Experience and complement the overall look & feel of your bathroom at the same time.

With, the freedom of choice is yours; We have Showers that are wall mount, Ceiling Mount & Recessed.

Shower Sets in Funitic.Com are of Multi-Feature & Multi-Finish. We have Showers that are of 8inch Shower head to 40 Inches. We do have Shower Sets which are control Digitally & Manually. Our Shower Set Combos comes with Tub Spout, Hand Shower & Body Shower Jets.

Our LED Showers brighten your day & gives you an everlasting refreshment. Our Temperature Sensing LED’s warn you from Hot Water Exposure, highly recommended for Houses with Kids & Elders. Our LED Showers are equipped with Water Powered Dynamo which makes sure that they work seamlessly and doesn’t require any complex wiring. LED Lights in our Showers are having a Large Life Span of 100,000 Hours.