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Shop from a Wide Range of handpicked Kitchen Faucets that comes with a mix of Style, Innovation and usability that meets the demand of your House. At Funitic.Com you will find the Faucets that are of Best in Class Build Quality at an affordable price. Funitic.Com offers Faucets in multiple finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Antique Brass, Black, White etc.At Funitic.Com, we have got Faucets that meets your any of your Shopping Demand; whether its Pull Down Pull Out Spray Faucets, Pot Fillers, LED Kitchen Faucets, Dual / Single Handles Faucets – weThe Kitchen Faucet collection in contains products that are broadly categorized as given below,Pull Down / Pull Out Spray Faucets that combine Multiple functions in a Single Product which comes in different finishes. Our Pull Out Spray Faucet Range makes the cleaning process easy & fast, so your time is better utilized.Pot Filler Faucets at Funitic.Com comes with Multi-Angle, 360 Degree rotatable option which makes the Pot filling an easy task.LED Kitchen Faucets that combines Innovation & Usability, which stands out in your kitchen.Dual & Single Handle Faucets collection at gives you the freedom of choice to select a Kitchen faucet that suits your Kitchen perfectly. We do have them in Multiple Finishes & Styles, where the limitation is only your imagination.Faucet Selection ProcessWhat Type of Faucet Should I choose?Kitchen Sink Faucets must be selected based on the Kitchen Sink / Counter Tops that is present in your Kitchen. In General, the Kitchen Sinks comes with 1 – 5 Holes for Faucet installation along with Optional Soap Dispenser / Sprayer. Considering this you are required to select an appropriate faucet that goes along with your Kitchen Requirements.How many Handles should be there in the faucet?This decision is purely depended on the number of Holes in your Kitchen Sink. You will find Single Handle & Dual Handle Faucets which goes in a Single Hole / Dual Hole at Dual Handle is one of the preferred option among our customers owing to its ability to get a better control of Hot & Cold Water Mixing.Which Finish Should I select?Let your Imagination guide you through this process, consider your Kitchen, the overall look of it, the equipment’s and Painting etc. Once you have that picture combine it with a faucet that complements the Style.Should I select a Faucet with / Without Sprayer?Pull Sprayers are a great addition to Kitchen as it eases out the Cleaning process, as you wash the utensils by directly pointing at them. Here again, we have seen customers who prefer faucets Without the Sprayers as they prefer a Dual Handle faucet which goes along with their Kitchen Style.